Yoni Bar Soap
Yoni Soap is used for your Vagina. To wash externally not internally. Gentle and made especially just for your vagina.
Pineapple Charcoal Soap
Pineapple Charcoal Soap is lightly scented with Pineapple. Charcoal has a lot of benefits for your skin.
Turmeric Soap
Turmeric Soap helps with dark spot and tone your skin.
Pineapple Shea Butter Soap
$5.00 Pineapple Shea Butter Soap.
Oatmeal Soap
Oatmeal soap help with easing the skin of certain rashes.
Oatmeal Lavender Soap
Oatmeal Lavender Soap has amazing benefits. Lavender soothes you and the oatmeal soothes the skin.
Hemp Shea Butter Soap
$6.00 Hemp Shea Butter Soap. Calming and great for your skin and blemishes.
Lavender Shea Butter Soap
$5.00 Lavender Shea Butter Soap. Refreshing and calming.
Vapor Soap
Used for times you have a cold or allergies. Take your regular bath or shower using this soap to clean your skin. It is made to help in these times of allergies and having a cold.
Cherry Loofah
Cherry Loofah soap. Smell and feel fresh and clean.
Lavender Loofah Soap
The relaxing scent of Lavender with a Loofah. Great way to decompress from a long day.
Tropical Lime Loofah Soaps
Tropical Lime Loofah will have you feeling and smelling fresh and clean.
Beach Loofah
This Loofah has the scent of a beach. Nice and relaxing.
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